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NDA Foundation Course in Dehradun


The Noval Doon Defense Academy specializes in providing top NDA foundation coaching in Dehradun after the 10th standard. It is a good idea to take a foundation course after 10th grade if you are planning on studying for defence as well. The course includes NDA Coaching + Intermediate classes preparations followed by SSB Preparations all under the same roof. We have a team of expert faculty members who molds young aspirants into future defence officers. Special emphasis is given to students from rural areas, and the Bilingual approach is used for teaching purposes so that language should never become a barrier in between.This enables students to excel in foundation course for nda. Every subject is taught in-depth, followed by doubt clearing sessions after every class.

Every student is given personal attention to get the maximum out of them. The complete curriculum is designed in such a manner that both board examination, as well as NDA Exams preparations, kept moving simultaneously. We adhere to provide the best facilities to our students and promote a student-friendly environment in our premises, which helps students learn better and builds comradery for fellow course mates. Every week, our management organizes recreational activities such as trekking, sports matches, and Jam sessions, promoting team spirit and refreshing mind and soul. Such activities also help to keep an individual fit and healthy. Along with this, for the further selection process of NDA, group dynamics techniques are practiced on a timely basis, mainly public speaking, Group Discussion technique, and many more. Such practices help build confidence and enhance soft skills, which is a must in a defence officer. When it comes to our demographic location, We're a Dehradun-based organization that is hardly twenty minutes from the heart of Dehradun. We have fully furnished digitally equipped classrooms and other such world-class amenities for our candidates. Our fee structure is also flexible as per the candidate's background. All this makes us the best NDA coaching in india after 10th. Noval Doon Defence Academy has emerged as the Leading Coaching Academy in India for NDA preparation after 10th. Our approach starts to groom an individual from a very tender age and prepares for NDA Coaching after 10th. The institute follows a strict timetable for school classes and NDA class afterward. Our results so far have never let the expectations of candidates and their parents down & we will keep giving such results as our ultimate aim is to prepare candidates for defence competitive exams by providing them quality education. Our team of expert faculty members conducts classes of NDA SIP under the guidance of Noval Doon Defence Academy.Such foundation courses are the best Indian army courses after 10th.

NDA Foundation Coaching Programme (NDA coaching After Class 10th) Focus & Objectives:Best NDA coaching after 10th: Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, GK, English and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process, which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in NDA Preparation after 10th. Each student has the right strategy for themselves for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in NDA but also in XII Board Exams.

1. Three Year NDA Foundation Coaching in Dehradun:

NDA Foundation Course after 9th: The three-year NDA course ensures that students who are showing up for class tenth assessment are also ready to meet all the requirements for the NDA paper. It is made sure that NDA syllabus and school curriculum go inseparably. The course is resolved to prepare the aspirants in such a way that they don't just fill in scholastics but at the same time can dominate in different fields like communication, leadership, stress the board, and so on. The course respects your dreams and helps you achieve them. It also ensures the bright future of its students by helping them master all the tricks and techniques to crack the exam. Students are furnished with a sufficient measure of study materials. They additionally have mock tests and class tests to assist students with refining their abilities. The course ensures that there is sound rivalry among students since it empowers the students to work more enthusiastically.

Class Fee
10th ₹ 3,00,000/-
11th ₹ 3,00,000/-
12th ₹ 3,10,000/-

Including schooling, academic, hostel * Fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.

2. Two Year NDA Foundation Coaching in Dehradun:

NDA Foundation Course after 10th: NDA foundation course after 10th is a two-year NDA course for the students who have effectively passed class tenth. This course will assist them and help them expand their insight so that they can utilize it to crack the paper. The course likewise will assist you with refining your abilities through various mocks and class tests. Joining this course will help you complete your course on schedule. The course has been organized, keeping in mind the necessities and interests of all students. The essential objective of this two-year course is to give quality training to everyone. The foundation course prepares the students for NDA tests as well as assists them in defeating their life challenges. When it comes to feedback, we are available to criticism from both the students and guardians. We additionally work on this criticism to ensure that this foundation course turns into the best course for NDA aspirants. NDA Foundation Course for 11th students helps all the students of class 11th crack the NDA exam with ease. We ensure a symbiotic relationship between the students and teachers. The students are given daily classes, class tests and mock tests. We also have small batches that help teachers understand and solve the problems of all students.

Class Fee
11th ₹ 3,00,000/-
12th ₹ 3,10,000/-

Including schooling, academic, hostel * Fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.

3. One Year NDA Foundation Coaching in Dehradun:

NDA Foundation Course after 11th: NDDA presents a two-year NDA foundation course for the students who have successfully passed class 10th. We help students to increase their knowledge so that they can use it to crack the examination. We also help you refine your skills through different mock tests and class tests. Joining our academy will also help you complete your course on time.

This course helps everyone who has passed class eleventh to break and crack the NDA test effortlessly. The course guarantees an advantageous connection between the students and instructors. The students are given everyday classes, class tests, and GD & Personality Development sessions. We additionally have little groups that assist educators with comprehension and tackle the issues, all things considered. The course has been fabricated, remembering the interest of the students. The course ensures that students are given a sound climate to concentrate in. Also, the course involves qualified instructors, who are energetic about running after the brilliant fate of the NDA aspirant. They ensure that the issues of all students are heard and addressed to the most extreme conceivable cutoff. With regards to discipline and time it is ensured that the course runs on schedule. Likewise, the course is completed before the scheduled time, which allows the wannabes to do self-revision. NDA Foundation Course for 12th students makes sure that students who are appearing for class 12th board examination are also able to qualify for the paper. We make sure that the NDA exam and board exam go hand in hand. We make sure that our students excel in both the examinations. We also provide remedial classes if required.

Class Fee
12th ₹ 3,10,000/-

Including schooling, academic, hostel * Fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.

Selection Process for Defence Services

The number of years is no restraint for cracking the NDA exam. Class 11th and 12th are crucial for your life, at NDDA we make sure that there is perfect balance between your school and NDA exam. In the two year course, we have split the course in such a way that you are able to complete the entire course with understanding every aspect. Whereas in one year course we only have limited time, so we make sure that you complete everything on time. The difference between the two courses is only with regard to the time. We make no difference in the techniques we use because each child is our priority.

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